This was a vacuum bottle with charger, which was the new item,that meant no available packaging yet. Customer had her inspiration via our Instagram page, and told us her requirements. The importance was keeping high quality and packing the charger well. Let’s get started.


Firstly, how to keep the charger well?
We got the vacuum from customer, to confirm the perfect size of the tube and find a solution to hide the charger, but convenient to their consumers to get it. Before sampling, we had some solutions with our current samples.


Finally we decided to have a paper blister with a hole on the top, where the consumers could pull it out and get the charger out easily. Making the paper cylinder container simple but functional was what we strived to. Here’s the final finish.


And we can watch the video to see how it works.


Secondly, how to keep high quality?

Considering the item was bottle, the paper wall was thick. Also the details spoke something, such as the tiny winding gaps, the high quality paper material.


Nice printing was a key feature. This silver stamping was a tough job, to make sure the foil not peeling off, we had specialist following up. Even the edge was cutting, the foil position was as good as the other part;


Smooth labeling without bump and smooth curling kept the high quality. Smooth curling was always our advantage, which made us to win a place in this industry.