Diameter 1cm(9.9mm) paper core with curling is a challenging job in this industry, much less the smooth curling edge. So we rejected this project from our customer at the first beginning. But after more than one month, we finally did it, the perfect little thing came out.

Why a mini paper tube is challenging? Firstly, the winding mold was tiny, the winding machine was adjusted, and required high accuracy, so a qualified mold master was needed. Except a good mold manufacturer, cutting paper also required high accuracy, so that the 0.9mm tube would be finished.

After adjustment of winding machine and lots of trials, diameter 0.9mm industrial cardboard tubes were finished.

The same question, why the mini paper tube is challenging? The curling edge is a headache, especially the height is only 1cm. It’s too small to make it shape. To figure it out, we was developing a new machine to make the edge. We did it, and the customer satisfied with it a lot.